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The Therapist

From the mind of a psychologist comes a chilling domestic thriller that gets under your skin.

Glorious Frazzled Beings

In this astounding collection of stories, human and more-than-human worlds come together in places we call home.


A young teacher’s return to her remote Innu community transforms the lives of her students through the redemptive power of art.

I Am Because We Are

In this innovative memoir, a daughter tells the story of her mother, a pan-African hero who faced down misogyny and battled corruption in Nigeria.

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

In stories both absurd and all-too-real, Christopher Evans paints a portrait of the uncanniness of modern life.

House of Anansi and Groundwood Books Gift Card

The Heart Warming Reads Bundle (Ages 3-6) $45.00

The Community Minded Kid Bundle (Ages 4+) $60.00

The Beautiful Picture Books Bundle (Ages 3-6) $50.00

The Read-Aloud Bundle (Ages 3-6) $60.00

I’m Not Sydney!

Sydney and his friends gather outside to play, transforming one by one to climb, leap, lumber and soar into a shared jungle of their imagination.

West Coast Wild at Low Tide

In this third book in the West Coast Wild series, explore the intertidal zone — where only the most adaptable creatures thrive in the changing tides.