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A House Divided

In this Anansi Digital work, James Laxer analyzes the descent of the United States into civil conflict.


Alissa York's contribution to Northwords, a cross-platform project that takes urban Canadian writers to some of the world’s most extreme environments.

The Heaviest Dress

“[Silcoff is] like a latter-day Fran Lebowitz, or a less acidic David Rakoff." — Globe and Mail

Hair Hat

Carrie Snyder's wondrous first collection of stories, also featuring a preview of her powerful debut novel, Girl Runner.

Hack Attack

The definitive, inside story about the behind-the-scenes phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World and News International.

Graeme Gibson Interviews Alice Munro

In honour of Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize for Literature, Anansi Digital released a candid interview with Munro by Canadian novelist Graeme Gibson.

The Goddess of Yantai

To protect the woman she loves, Ava Lee must infiltrate the seedy world of the Syndicate — a cabal of senior officials in the Chinese film industry.


Bill Gaston crafts these short fictions around the idea of the gargoyle — the concrete representation of extremes of human emotions.

For Tamara special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Sarah Lang's poetry collection For Tamara is limited to 50 copies.

Far to Go

This epic novel takes you inside an affluent Jewish family in the lead-up to Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Easy to Like

A bitingly hilarious satire of the making of wine, television, and taste from one of Canada’s most accomplished comic writers.

The Dragon Head of Hong Kong

The prequel to the wildly popular Ava Lee series.