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Selected Poems 1983–2020

A generous collection of new and previously published poems by Steven Heighton, a defining lyricist of his generation.


In Intruder, acclaimed poet Bardia Sinaee explores with vivid and precise language themes of encroachment in contemporary life.

Alden Nowlan Selected Poems

The best of beloved poet Alden Nowlan's explicitly honest, direct, and insightful poetry. Now featuring an introduction by Susan Musgrave.

The Waking Comes Late

A poetry collection of laments and celebrations that reflect on our struggle to believe in the future of a world that continues to disappoint us.

Heart Residence

A landmark collection from one of Canada’s literary icons, and the co-founder of House of Anansi Press.

Unstable Neighbourhood Rabbit

Oneiric, fabulist, hilarious, surreal. No single term seems to sufficiently contain Mikko Harvey’s delightful, cheeky, absurdist, inimitable debut.

river woman

Award–winning Métis poet and acclaimed novelist Katherena Vermette’s second collection, river woman, explores her relationship to nature.

The Lost Spells

The Lost Spells is a beautiful collection of poems and illustrations that evokes the magic of the everyday natural world.

Museum of Bone and Water

A provocative investigation of the human body — our physical and spiritual museums of identity and desire.

The Waking Comes Late special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Steven Heighton's poetry collection The Waking Comes Late is limited to 50 copies.

Speeches for Doctor Frankenstein

In 1966 Margaret Atwood and Charles Pachter teamed up to create Speeches for Doctor Frankenstein — now a unique piece of Canadian cultural history.

Prologue for the Age of Consequence special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Garth Martens' collection Prologue for the Age of Consequence is limited to 50 copies.