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The Three Brothers

From world-renowned author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, a story about three brothers who set off in search of wild animals in a changing climate.

Stella, Queen of the Snow

Sam is experiencing his first snowstorm. Luckily, Stella has all the answers, and delights in sharing the many pleasures of a beautiful winter's day.

Stella, Star of the Sea

Stella and her little brother are spending the day at the sea. Stella has been before and knows all its secrets, but Sam has many questions.

Any Questions?

Where does the story start? Marie-Louise Gay explains the creative process with typical fun and whimsy.

Read Me a Story, Stella

Stella introduces her little brother Sam to the pleasures of reading, sharing her new pastime with contagious enthusiasm.


Caramba is a sweet, shy cat who bravely accepts that he is different, and then discovers his own special talent.

Stella, Fairy of the Forest

In this book in the beloved Stella and Sam series, the two explore the wonders of the springtime forest.

Good Night, Sam

In this book in the acclaimed Stella and Sam series, sister and brother join forces to search for Sam's beloved dog, Fred.

Fern and Horn

Fern and Horn look like two peas in a pod, but they have very different ways of seeing the world in this joyful picture book about creativity.


When her family must move once more, Ophelia uses her imagination to make magic out of a scary situation.

Short Stories for Little Monsters

The internationally acclaimed author of the Stella and Sam series has created a collection of short, funny illustrated stories.

When Stella was Very, Very Small

Originally written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Stella and Sam, When Stella Was Very, Very Small is the most endearing book in the series yet.