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Literary Fiction

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Hair for Men

The second novel by Scotiabank Giller Prize finalist Michelle Winters teems with hot towel shaves and the steady thrum of female rage.

Help Me, Jacques Cousteau

Gil Adamson, author of Ridgerunner, weaves an utterly original tale of an extraordinary family with a knack for eccentric behaviour.

Her First Palestinian

Elegant, surprising stories about Palestinian immigrants in Canada navigating their identities in circumstances that push them to the emotional brink.

Holding Still for as Long as Possible

A dazzling portrait of twenty-somethings who grew up on text-messaging and the war on terror.

How Should a Person Be?

A brilliant portrayal of finding a beautiful life by one of Canada's most exciting literary talents.

However Far Away

A sweeping family saga set against the backdrop of a traditional Sikh wedding.

I Am Ariel Sharon

I Am Ariel Sharon dives into the tortured mind of the controversial Israeli prime minister as he lies comatose and faces an ultimate reckoning.

I Never Said That I Was Brave

A taut tale of female friendship and betrayal.

In a Land without Dogs the Cats Learn to Bark

In his wildly ambitious and darkly funny debut novel, Jonathan Garfinkel probes the fractured nature of identity, the necessity of lies, and the bloody legacy of the Soviet Empire.

Innie Shadows

A taut and unsparing novel about a community plagued by violence, drugs, corruption, and prejudice—but where love and justice prevail.


A classic of Canadian literature by the great Québécoise writer, Kamouraska is based on a real nineteenth-century love-triangle in rural Quebec.


A timely tale of ownership and loss, loneliness and connection, and a meditation on all the stuff in our lives.