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Nothing for You Here, Young Man

The sixth in the ten-book "Soifs" novel cycle. This novel is a dazzling, complex portrait of life that shows us how creativity and hope and suffering and exclusion intersect.


With your face covered, sneaking into a city you thought you knew, are you still yourself? Or have you crossed to another world, where the streets are unpredictable and the people strangers, where you might at any moment run into some unknown dream version of yourself?

Passing Ceremony

A wedding reception becomes a gothic dream. The bride is not all she seems and there is something ambiguous about the groom.

Player One

Now available in a new edition, Douglas Coupland’s CBC Massey Lectures is an innovative exploration of the modern crises of our time.

Rebecca, Born in the Maelstrom

The fourth in the ten-book "Soifs" novel cycle. The tone of the portrait of contemporary North America is different in this novel and Blais' prose has now acquired a buoyant, electrifying rhythm.

River Meets the Sea

A spellbinding, spirited tale of two men exploring masculinity, race, and belonging in a desperate search to feel at home in their own skins.

Roch Carrier's La Guerre Trilogy

Roch Carrier’s La Guerre trilogy is a vital, moving, and assured portrait of life in Quebec, and one of the major achievements in Quebec literature.


The much-anticipated follow-up to the multi-million-copy selling South Korean sensation Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982.

Silver Repetition

A young Asian immigrant mends her fractured sense of self in this exquisite coming-of-age debut novel about family, grief, and identity.

Sleepless Night

In this beautifully written literary novel, Margriet de Moor recounts a story of romance and death over the course of a midnight baking ritual.

Some Maintenance Required

From the bestselling author of Autopsy of a Boring Wife, a tender coming-of-age story.

Songs for Angel

Ninth in the Soifs cycle, Songs for Angel interrogates violence and hate and takes us into the soul of a white supremacist on the verge of a racist attack.