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Biology As Ideology

Renowned geneticist R. C. Lewontin argues that science is a social institution and only by admitting its limitations we can appreciate its real value.

The Elsewhere Community

In his 1997 CBC Massey Lectures Hugh Kenner examines Western culture's insatiable need for stimulation encountered elsewhere.

The Educated Imagination

Northrop Frye's 1962 CBC Massey Lectures provide a wonderful and concise introduction to his theories of literature and literary education.

The Politics of the Family

In his 1968 CBC Massey Lectures R. D. Laing discusses how and why we value society's notions of family over our own.

The Triumph of Narrative

In his 1999 CBC Massey Lectures, Robert Fulford reveals to us the mystery, power, and importance of story in all our lives.

The Real World of Technology

In this expanded version of her 1989 CBC Massey Lectures, scientist and activist Ursula M. Franklin explores the impact of technology upon our lives.

Latin America

In his 1984 CBC Massey Lectures, Carlos Fuentes traces Latin America's unique tensions and calls for an end to foreign interference.

The Cult of Efficiency

Janice Gross Stein illuminates public education and universal health care, locally and globally, as flashpoints in the debate about their efficiency.

Race Against Time

Humanitarian Stephen Lewis describes how the world is falling desperately short of UN goals for reducing poverty, inequality, and mortality rates.

The Ethical Imagination

Ethicist and McGill University professor Margaret Somerville discusses how we can find a shared ethics for an interdependent world.

The Rights Revolution

In his 2000 CBC Massey Lectures, Michael Ignatieff confronts controversial human rights questions and defends the individualism of rights language.

The City of Words

In his 2007 CBC Massey Lectures, renowned author Alberto Manguel takes a fresh look at the rise of violent intolerance in our societies.