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CBC Massey Lectures Sale

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The Ethical Imagination

Ethicist and McGill University professor Margaret Somerville discusses how we can find a shared ethics for an interdependent world.

The Cult of Efficiency

Janice Gross Stein illuminates public education and universal health care, locally and globally, as flashpoints in the debate about their efficiency.

The Rights Revolution

In his 2000 CBC Massey Lectures, Michael Ignatieff confronts controversial human rights questions and defends the individualism of rights language.

Race Against Time

Humanitarian Stephen Lewis describes how the world is falling desperately short of UN goals for reducing poverty, inequality, and mortality rates.

Player One

Douglas Coupland explores modern crises by way of a real-time, five-hour story set in an airport cocktail lounge during a global disaster.


In her 2008 CBC Massey Lectures, Margaret Atwood delivers a wide ranging, entertaining, and imaginative look at the topic of debt.

On the Eve of the Millennium

In his 1994 CBC Massey Lectures, Conor Cruise O'Brien considers threats to the Enlightenment tradition from which modern society derives.

The Elsewhere Community

In his 1997 CBC Massey Lectures Hugh Kenner examines Western culture's insatiable need for stimulation encountered elsewhere.

Democracy on Trial

In her 1993 CBC Massey Lectures, political philosopher Jean Bethke Elshtain delves into complex issues to evaluate democracy's chances for survival.


Bestselling author Lawrence Hill offers an examination of the scientific and social history of blood, and the way that it unites and divides us today.


Former Governor General and bestselling author Adrienne Clarkson delivers the 2014 CBC Massey Lectures on citizenship.