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CBC Massey Lectures Sale

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The Real World of Democracy

In his 1964 CBC Massey Lectures C. B. MacPherson examines rival ideas of democracy and their impact on each other.

Latin America

In his 1984 CBC Massey Lectures, Carlos Fuentes traces Latin America's unique tensions and calls for an end to foreign interference.

The City of Words

In his 2007 CBC Massey Lectures, renowned author Alberto Manguel takes a fresh look at the rise of violent intolerance in our societies.


Former Governor General and bestselling author Adrienne Clarkson delivers the 2014 CBC Massey Lectures on citizenship.

Democracy on Trial

In her 1993 CBC Massey Lectures, political philosopher Jean Bethke Elshtain delves into complex issues to evaluate democracy's chances for survival.

The Elsewhere Community

In his 1997 CBC Massey Lectures Hugh Kenner examines Western culture's insatiable need for stimulation encountered elsewhere.

The Politics of the Family

In his 1968 CBC Massey Lectures R. D. Laing discusses how and why we value society's notions of family over our own.

The Rights Revolution

In his 2000 CBC Massey Lectures, Michael Ignatieff confronts controversial human rights questions and defends the individualism of rights language.

More Lost Massey Lectures

This second anthology of early CBC Massey Lectures features the work of George Grant, Claude Levi-Strauss, Frank Underhill, and Barbara Ward.

The Universe Within

Neil Turok's 2012 CBC Massey Lectures is a visionary look at the way the human mind can shape the future.

On the Eve of the Millennium

In his 1994 CBC Massey Lectures, Conor Cruise O'Brien considers threats to the Enlightenment tradition from which modern society derives.

Compassion and Solidarity

In his 1987 CBC Massey Lectures, Gregory Baum considers the Faith and Justice movement in the churches together with the considerable opposition to it.