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The latest collection from poetry legend Dennis Lee, and the final book in a trilogy that includes Un (Anansi, 2003) and Yesno (Anansi, 2007).

The New Measures

A bold collection from Griffin Poetry Prize and Governor General's Literary Award winner poet A.F. Moritz.


An exciting and provocative collection from one of the most promising young voices in Canadian poetry.

Poems for All the Annettes

Poems for All the Annettes stands as one of the essential documents of the great Al Purdy’s career.

Civil Elegies

A List edition of Dennis Lee's Civil Elegies, with an introduction by Nick Mount.

The Circle Game

A-List series edition of Margaret Atwood's Governor General's Award–winning The Circle Game, with an introduction by Suzanne Buffam.

Under the Keel

A brilliant collection from Michael Crummey, bestselling author of Galore.

The Polymers

The Polymers is a bold work from one of our most ambitious poetic minds.


Sara Peters' debut collection is about obsessions — about desire, beauty, and cruelty, about how they lace through our days, leaving us changed.

The Quiet

Anne-Marie Turza's formidable debut poetry collection presents a landscape where anything might appear, out of myth, history, or science.

The Quiet

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Anne-Marie Turza's poetry collection The Quiet is limited to 50 copies.

Prologue for the Age of Consequence

Garth Martens’ poetry debut, Prologue for the Age of Consequence, is about the tar sands and industrial projects of Alberta, and the men who work in them.