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How to Be Happy Though Human

How to Be Happy Though Human introduces New Zealand’s Kate Camp’s eclectic and musical poetry to international audiences for the first time.


In Intruder, acclaimed poet Bardia Sinaee explores with vivid and precise language themes of encroachment in contemporary life.


Junebat is a form- and gender-disrupting debut collection that grapples with the pain of uncertainty on the path towards becoming.

Junebat special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of John Elizabeth Stintzi's poetry collection Junebat is limited to 40 copies.


This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Erín Moure's poetry collection Kapusta is limited to 50 copies.


In Kapusta poetry flourishes as a book "beyond the book," in a space of performance that starts and stops time.

Let the World Have You

Gerald Lampert Memorial Award finalist Mikko Harvey’s second collection takes readers into a kaleidoscopic world that is and is not the world we know.


From the grotesque to the beautiful, Lynn Crosbie's depiction of the lover adrift alters how we think of the love poem.

Little Dogs

Little Dogs: New and Selected Poems showcases the evolution of one the most distinct and celebrated Canadian writers of his generation.

Little Theatres

Moure's poetic voices are as fluid, clear, animated, and shimmering with light and life as ever.


Ken Babstock's award-winning debut collection captures our isolation and reconnects us.

Methodist Hatchet

The exhilarating fourth collection from one of Canada’s most talented poets, Governor General’s Literary Award winner Ken Babstock.