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Ken Babstock's award-winning debut collection captures our isolation and reconnects us.

Sheep's Vigil by a Fervent Person

This ecstatic long poem of hope and creeks and cats and rain is a translation of Alberto Caeiro/Fernando Pessoa's classic long poem O Guardador de Rebanhos.

Days Into Flatspin

Ken Babstock's extraordinary second collection reveals a poet in full flight: fearless and technically brilliant.

O Cidadan

Moure's candid, passionate poetry explores the ways we might rethink nation and community.


Dennis Lee's heart-stricken masterpiece reminds us why poetry still matters.

Crowd of Sounds

Adam Sol's sublime poems are about music, but they are also about the silence it breaks, and the inevitable recurrence of that silence.

The Address Book

A collection of remarkably well-crafted love letters, letters of loss, and lyrical moments of complaint and redress.

Night Street Repairs

An astonishing work by a master of the poetic form operating at the height of his powers.

Past Imperfect

Suzanne Buffam's debut poetry collection admits the self is fluid -- so we bid farewell to many "selves."

Little Theatres

Moure's poetic voices are as fluid, clear, animated, and shimmering with light and life as ever.


A Trillium Book Award for Poetry winner, this collection reminds us that our solitude is painful, yet precious.


From the grotesque to the beautiful, Lynn Crosbie's depiction of the lover adrift alters how we think of the love poem.