Sibling Stories

Sibling Stories

Check out a few books that celebrate sibling relationships!

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Malaika’s Surprise

When Malaika finds out she is going to have a new baby brother or sister, she worries that her mother will forget about her. But a surprise arrives on Malaika’s birthday that gives her more reason to celebrate her family’s love.

Malaika’s Winter Carnival

When Malaika moves to a cold northern city, there's a lot to get used to, especially Carnival in the wintertime!

Pebbles to the Sea

Two children feel adrift between the separate worlds of their parents, until their close-knit coastal community helps to anchor them.

Read Me a Story, Stella

Stella introduces her little brother Sam to the pleasures of reading, sharing her new pastime with contagious enthusiasm.


Marie-Louise Gay's beloved books about Stella's little brother, Sam, are all here in this vibrant and humorous collection.

Stella Princess of the Sky and Stella Queen of the Snow


All five of Marie-Louise Gay's Stella picture books bound into one volume. For young children, full of wonder and curiosity, discovering their world.

Stella, Fairy of the Forest

In this book in the beloved Stella and Sam series, the two explore the wonders of the springtime forest.

Stella, Princess of the Sky

Another adventure begins in this book in the Stella and Sam series as they explore the wonders of the natural world at night.

Stella, Queen of the Snow

Sam is experiencing his first snowstorm. Luckily, Stella has all the answers, and delights in sharing the many pleasures of a beautiful winter's day.

Stella, Star of the Sea

Stella and her little brother are spending the day at the sea. Stella has been before and knows all its secrets, but Sam has many questions.

The Biggest Puddle in the World

Sarah and Charlie hunt down the biggest puddle in the world with their grandfather in this fun introduction to the water cycle, perfect for young readers.