Navigating Death, Loss, Grief Bundle

Navigating Death, Loss, Grief Bundle

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Learning to process death, loss and grief — some of the hardest things many of us will face — is important. It is especially crucial that we help children navigate these topics in a developmentally appropriate way. Death, grief and loss are difficult to discuss or prepare for, but the books in this category can definitely help with some tough conversations or realities.

Featured in this bundle:

  • The Funeral  written and illustrated by Matt James
  • Good Night Commander  written by Ahmad Akbarpour, illustrated by Morteza Zahedi and translated by Helen Mixter and Shadi Eskandani
  • Grandmother's Visit  written by Betty Quan and illustrated by Carmen Mok
  • Helen's Birds  written by Sara Cassidy and illustrated by Sophie Casson
  • Last Week  written by Bill Richardson and illustrated by Emilie Leduc
  • Malaika, Carnival Queen  written by Nadia L. Hohn and illustrated by Irene Luxbacher 
  • Maybe a Whale  written by Kirsten Pendreigh and illustrated by Crystal Smith
  • The Remembering Stone  written and illustrated by Carey Sookocheff
  • What the Kite Saw  written by Anne Laurel Carter and illustrated by Akin Duzakin
  • Wildful  written and illustrated by Kengo Kurimoto 

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