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19 Knives

Jarman's short stories employ dazzling linguistic verve and staggering metaphoric powers in every sentence.


Sara Peters' debut collection is about obsessions — about desire, beauty, and cruelty, about how they lace through our days, leaving us changed.


From acclaimed playwright and author Robert Lepage comes 887 — an autobiographical exploration of memory, culture, and community in Quebec.

A Boring Wife Settles the Score

The saucy and ever-appealing Diane, now turning fifty and with the wreckage of her marriage behind her, sets off on a new hilarious journey for romance.

A Boy Is Not a Bird

A young boy finds his world overturned when his family is uprooted and exiled to Siberia during the occupation of the Soviet Ukraine by Nazi Germany.

A Boy Is Not a Ghost

In this sequel to the award-winning A Boy Is Not a Bird, a boy is exiled to Siberia during World War II. Based on a true story.

A Boy Named Queen

Who will be brave enough to make friends with the boy named Queen?

A Cage Went in Search of a Bird

Is there someone out there for everyone? Two lonely souls find each other in this unusual tale of friendship and belonging from Cary Fagan.

A Coyote Columbus Story

A retelling of the Christopher Columbus story from an Indigenous point of view. Thomas King uses a bag of literary tricks to shatter stereotypes.

A Coyote Solstice Tale

Trickster Coyote experiences the pitfalls of excessive consumption in this comically irreverent solstice tale.

A Fairy Tale

A profound novel about a young boy and his father who live at the margins of society, until one day their adventure takes an unpredictable turn.

A Family Affair

A wry, savvy novel of untidy modern relationships and a chronicle of contemporary middle-class mores.