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A work of queer autofiction and a speculative look at our dark future, Valid is the story of a trans woman who leads her own revolution.

Vantage Point

In the fourth novel of the series, MacNeice and his team on the hunt for a sophisticated killer who draws his inspiration from classic works of art.


Vaudeville! is an enchanted tale on the scale of New York itself, overflowing with puzzles and horrors.

Very Last First Time

A classic story of an Inuit girl's first experience going alone under the ice to collect mussels.

Victim Without a Face

The first book in the Fabian Risk series, Victim Without a Face is a chilling novel about the ultimate revenge.

Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged!

A picture-book biography of Viola Desmond, Canada’s Rosa Parks, who was arrested for refusing to sit in the segregated section of a movie theater.

Violet Shrink

In this powerful story, a young girl navigates social anxiety at family gatherings and works with her father to find a solution.

Walk with Me

A simple, imaginative story depicting the complex emotional reality of a girl whose father no longer lives at home.

Walking Trees

Lily wants a tree for her birthday. She promises to water him every day. But even Lily can't imagine how their daily walks will change the street!


A dark, psychological thriller about a man that is being pursued by police unsatisfied with the answers he’s given about his wife’s disappearance.

Wangari Speaks Out

Wangari Maathai was the first African woman and first environmentalist to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Her speech is part of the Speak Out series.

Wanting Mor

Young Afghan Jameela is finally brought together again with her father, who abandoned her in a Kabul marketplace.