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West Coast Wild Baby Animals

Meet the wild baby animals of the Pacific west coast!

West Coast Wild Rainforest

In this fourth book in the West Coast Wild series, everything is connected in the majestic temperate rainforest of the Pacific west coast.

What Are You Doing, Sam?

Stella's little brother Sam and his dog, Fred, get up to some wacky household antics in this wonderful addition to the Stella and Sam series.

What Are You Doing?

A picture book that captures a child’s discovery of the power of reading.

What Becomes

Twelve remarkable stories show us what becomes of the broken hearted.

What Milly Did

The extraordinary story of the woman who made plastics recycling possible.

What Remains

A funny, poignant, and at times heartbreaking memoir about one mother and her love of beautiful objets — and how it ultimately proved destructive.

What the Kite Saw

In this memorable story, a young boy finds solace flying his kite from the rooftop after soldiers take his father and brother away.

What There Is Before There Is Anything There

Every night when his parents turn off the light, strange creatures descend from the black space where the ceiling used to be…

When Apples Grew Noses and White Horses Flew

Three delightful folktales about Ti-Jean, the New World’s Everyman, written and illustrated by a renowned storyteller and illustrator.

When He Was Free and Young and He Used to Wear Silks

The first collection of short fiction from bestselling author Austin Clarke is a provocative exploration of the Black immigrant experience in Canada.

When I Found Grandma

Maya longs to see her grandmother, but when Grandma arrives from far away for a visit, she is not quite what Maya expected.