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From Another World

Written by Ana Maria Machado • Illustrated by Lucia Brandao • Translated by Luisa Baeta

For kids 9 - 12 years old | Published February 02, 2005 | ISBN 9780888996411

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From Another World

Ana Maria Machado • Lucia Brandao • Luisa Baeta

Mariano and his friends are helping their parents turn an old Brazilian coffee plantation into an inn. The children sleep in a shed, which is being converted into guest rooms. One night they hear crying. Gradually, the ghost of Rosario, a young slave from the late 1800s appears to them and tells the story of why she is so sad.

Hans Christian Andersen Award-winning author Ana Maria Machado's storytelling skills and social conscience come together in this powerful and moving book that reveals the evil of slavery in a real, immediate and unforgettable way.

About the Creators

Ana Maria Machado

Ana Maria Machado is one of the world's most distinguished writers for children, with over one hundred books published in her native Brazil and in more than eighteen other countries. She has won the Hans Christian Andersen Award and the SM Iberoamerican Children's Literature Award, and she has been elected to the Brazilian Academy of Letters — the first writer for children to be so honored. She has also been chosen for the honor list of the highly prestigious Dutch Prince Claus Award. Groundwood has published three of her novels, Me in the Middle (Américas Award Commended List), From Another World and Until the Day Arrives, and her picture books Wolf Wanted, which won the FNLIJ Hors Concours, and What a Party! Ana Maria lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lucia Brandao

Lucia Brandao is an illustrator in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Luisa Baeta

Luisa Baeta is a Brazilian translator.