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Gargantua (Jr!)

Defender of Earth

Written by Kevin Sylvester

For students in grades K - 2 | Published April 01, 2019 | ISBN 9781773061825
JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Parents

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40 pages | 9.25 in × 9.875 in
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About this book

Gargantua (Jr!)

Defender of Earth

Kevin Sylvester

Gargantua Jr. wants to grow up to be just like his mom. Before he was born, Mom had a reputation for being a little wild – she wreaked havoc everywhere she went with her monster strength and fiery flames. But now she prefers to repair some of the damage, and she only knocks over buildings that are supposed to come down. She also protects Earth from dangerous space robots and giant asteroids. Gargantua Jr. would like to help out, but Mom says he’s too little. So he sets out to show her that he’s not a baby anymore … Thankfully, Mom comes to the rescue just in time.

Themes of making amends for past mistakes, giving back to the community, the importance of teamwork and learning one’s limits all come to play in this fun story about a baby monster and his mom, vibrantly written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester.

About the Author

Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester is an award-winning illustrator, writer and broadcaster whose work ranges from murder mysteries and science fiction to books on sports and financial literacy. His picture books include Splinters (a Blue Spruce Honour Book) and Super-Duper Monster Viewer. Kevin’s Neil Flambé Capers series and MINRs series have both been bestsellers. His latest novel is Mucus Mayhem. His non-fiction titles include Follow Your Money, Follow Your Stuff, Baseballogy and Basketballogy. Kevin lives with his family in Toronto.

Awards and Praise

Praise for Gargantua (Jr!):

“Sylvester’s story is simple and sweet . . . . Matching Sylvester’s note-perfect storytelling are his bold and fun illustrations. These are the kind of drawings of creatures and chaos that will appeal to future comic-book lovers, while also providing the kind of personality, warmth, and humour that resonates with readers of all ages and ilk.” — Quill & Quire, starred review<

“[T]errific fun. Parenting skills come in handy even for immense, green, fire-breathing monsters.” — Kirkus, starred review

Praise for Super-Duper Monster Viewer by Kevin Sylvester

“For today’s generation of digital learners, this picturebook comes as a much welcomed surprise as it unites traditional picturebook format with familiar concepts of modern technology … monsterifically magnificent — a must have for any home or school collection.” Canadian Review of Materials

“Kevin Sylvester’s digitially created illustrations are packed with laugh-out-loud details … pure interactive fun.” National Reading Campaign

“Seemingly interactive, Super-Duper Monster Viewer will have children feeling like they are the ones in control of the device when it’s all courtesy of Kevin Sylvester’s wacky imagination and quirky illustrations.” CanLit for Little Canadians

Gargantua (Jr!) Gargantua (Jr!) Gargantua (Jr!)