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Good Night, Commander

Written by Ahmad Akbarpour • Illustrated by Morteza Zahedi • Translated by Helen Mixter • Translated by Shadi Eskandani

For kids - 7 years old | Published May 01, 2010 | ISBN 9780888999894

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24 pages | 8.25 in × 8.25 in
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About this book

Good Night, Commander

Ahmad Akbarpour • Morteza Zahedi • Helen Mixter • Shadi Eskandani

This extraordinary little book gives us a glimpse into the world of a young boy who has lost his mother and one of his legs in the Iran-Iraq war. We meet the boy in his room, where he recreates the conflict with an imaginary enemy and soldiers, trying to avenge his losses. The boy's father urges him to take off his artificial leg when he is at home, to join his uncles and aunties who have arrived for dinner. But when he does, he finds out that they are all about to go off to meet his new mother.

Back in his room he meets an enemy soldier who is also missing a limb. Identifying with this soldier, the boy offers him his artificial leg. And as he does, his mother smiles down on him from her picture on the wall, acknowledging his hurt and giving him comfort.

About the Creators

Ahmad Akbarpour

One of Iran's foremost writers, Ahmad Akbarpour lives in Shiraz, Iran.

Morteza Zahedi

Morteza Zahedi has illustrated more than twenty books and has won many awards. He lives in Tehran, Iran. Visit Morteza Zahedi's website:

Helen Mixter

Helen Mixter is a translator who lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Shadi Eskandani

Shadi Eskandani is a poet and translator who was born in Iran and who lives now in Toronto.

Awards and Praise
A young boy who lost his leg - and his mother - in the Iran-Iraq war confronts an imaginary enemy and has an uplifting revelation.
  • Commended CCBC Our Choice (Starred Selection), 2004
Good Night, Commander Good Night, Commander Good Night, Commander