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Hip Hop World

Written by Dalton Higgins

Edited by Jane Springer

Series Title: Groundwork Guides

  • 144 Pages
  • 9780888999115
  • 7.100" x 5.130"
  • Reading age to 14


Publication Date October 01, 2009

"[The Groundwork Guides] are excellent books, mandatory for school libraries and the increasing body of young people prepared to take ownership of the situations and problems previous generations have left them." -- Globe and Mail

Hip hop is arguably the predominant global youth subculture of this generation. In this book Dalton Higgins takes vivid snapshots of the hip hop scenes in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and more.

American hip hop has gone through growing pains, and is questioned for being too commercialized to articulate the hopes, concerns and dreams of marginal youth and community members. Outside the US, hip hop culture is often a political tool to mobilize disenfranchised communities around hard issues, with little support from mainstream corporations or sponsors.

Higgins taps into his own powers of pop culture prognostication to predict the future of the genre and the youth culture that spawned it, as hip hop spreads its tentacles to the furthest reaches of humanity.

Selected for the Booklist Top 10 Youth Series - Nonfiction 2007


Dalton Higgins
Dalton Higgins is a Canadian National Magazine award recipient and a multimedia pop culture critic who's published in prominent urban culture magazines, including the Source, Vibe and Urb. He is co-author of Hip Hop (2005) and Much Master T: One VJ's Journey (2002). Higgins appeared in the prestigious Who's Who in Black Canada (2006) and is a music programmer of Canada's Centre of Contemporary Culture, the Harbourfront Centre, in Toronto.

Jane Springer
Jane Springer is the author of Genocide, part of the Groundwork Guides series for which she is also the series editor. She is a consultant in international development and has lived and worked in Mozambique and India. She is the author of Listen to Us: The World's Working Children and translator of the Portuguese-language books Nest Egg and Tales from the Amazon. Jane Springer lives in Toronto.


"...a thoughtful examination of the globalization of hip hop...excellent..." School Library Journal

"...a fresh take on hip-hop's controversies and accomplishments." Sway Magazine

"...a good primer on the genre's history and canon, from Chuck D to Cool Kids." EYE Weekly

"A solid addition to the Groundwork Guide series, this overview of hip-hop covers an impressive amount of ground and spans the landscape of the art form's global origins and modern existence...the pithy, unapologetically political narrative that results is sure to engage readers." Kirkus Reviews

"It's a totally readable guide to the genre with a global breadth rarely seen." Toro

"The Canada-born writer of Jamaican parentage takes a uniquely intelligent look at the multiculturalism of hip hop..." Jamaica Gleaner

"The validity of hip-hop culture has been entrenched by reams of critical analysis and Dalton Higgins' book Hip Hop World adds a fresh voice by interrogating many of the ingrained tenets of hip-hop culture, hopscotching across the world to incorporate a global perspective. When discussing the culture's origins, he takes great care to expand the sphere of analysis beyond the South Bronx...Add to the mix Higgins' provocative critical analysis on hip-hop culture's racial aspects and social responsibility and Hip Hop World represents a clarion call for hip-hop culture to fully seize its power and influence for progressive goals in the future." Exclaim Magazine

"This highly readable, well-researched series of essays...certainly covers a lot of ground, but it's Higgins's panoramic scope and panoply of references that makes the book so engaging. With its solid chapter on hip-hop history, it's also suitable for impressionable young heads just getting into the music." NOW Magazine

"A refreshingly intelligent history and examination of that much maligned and...truly global phenomenon." Resource Links