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I See the Promised Land

Written by Arthur Flowers • Illustrated by Manu Chitrakar

For readers - 12 years old | Published January 05, 2013 | ISBN 9781554983285
YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Comics & Graphic Novels / Biography

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About this book

I See the Promised Land

Arthur Flowers • Manu Chitrakar

African American writer, griot and blues singer Arthur Flowers and Indian scroll painter Manu Chitrakar combine their very distinctive storytelling traditions in an extraordinary jam session, creating this stunning graphic narrative-style biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

The engaging text describes the apartheid South in Martin Luther King’s time, which in many ways was not very different from the early days of slavery. Included are descriptions of the Montgomery Bus Boycott; the formation of civil rights groups; mass movements against segregation, such as the Albany Movement and the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, after which King became black America’s acknowledged leader; and the influence on King of Gandhi, with his nonviolent approach to resistance. We are told about King’s personal struggles as well as the political challenges he faced with the rise of Malcolm X and Black Power. Flowers’ text concludes with a brief look at his legacy.

Arthur Flowers tells a masterful story in musical prose, based on griot oral storytelling traditions, bringing his own perspective to the events he describes, while Manu Chitrakar carries the tale into the vivid idiom of Patua art, turning King’s historic journey into a truly universal legacy.

Includes editorial notes, a description of how this extraordinary cross-cultural book came to be, and a note on Patua art.

About the Creators

Arthur Flowers

Arthur Flowers teaches at Syracuse University in the English Department's MFA program in Creative Writing. A native of Memphis, he has been Executive Director of the Harlem Writers Guild and co-founder of the New Renaissance Writers Guild and the Pan African Literary Forum. He is a blues-based performance poet who considers himself literary heir to both the Western written tradition and the African oral one. He lives in Syracuse, New York.

Manu Chitrakar

Manu Chitrakar began painting when he was twelve years old. As a Patua scroll artist who sings and paints, he is part of a living art and performance tradition that is as open to contemporary news stories and politics as it is to ancient legend and myth. He was so inspired when he heard the story of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement that he wanted to render it in his own artistic tradition. He lives and works in Naya Village in Bengal, India.