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House of Anansi Press

Me, Myself, They

Life Beyond the Binary

Written by Luna M. Ferguson

Published May 07, 2019 | ISBN 9781487004774

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About this book

Me, Myself, They

Life Beyond the Binary

Luna M. Ferguson

From renowned trans activist, Luna M. Ferguson, comes a work of memoir and critical analysis that embraces an inclusive understanding of sex and gender.

Me, Myself, They: Life Beyond the Binary chronicles Luna M. Ferguson’s extraordinary story of transformation to become a celebrated non-binary filmmaker, writer, and advocate for trans rights. Beginning with their birth and early childhood of gender creativity, Ferguson recounts the complex and often challenging evolution of their identity, including traumatizing experiences with gender conversion therapy, bullying, depression, sexual assault, and violence. Above all, Ferguson’s story is about survival, empathy, and self-acceptance. By combining personal reflections on what it feels like to never truly fit into prescribed roles of male and female, and using an informed analysis of the ongoing shifts in contemporary attitudes towards sex and gender, Ferguson calls for an inclusive understanding of diverse human identity and respect for trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people. Through their honest and impassioned storytelling, we learn what it means to reclaim one’s identity and to live beyond the binary.

About the Author

Luna M. Ferguson

LUNA MARKI FERGUSON (Ph.D.) is a trans (they/them) writer, filmmaker, artist, and advocate. In 2018, they became the first person to receive a non-binary birth certificate with an “X” designation in their home province of Ontario, and their advocacy has contributed to government reform in Canada. With their production company Turbid Lake Pictures, Ferguson’s filmmaking work includes the award-winning Whispers of Life; Limina, which was shown at festivals around the world and praised for its trans inclusivity; and the love story Henry’s Heart. Their writing and advocacy efforts have been featured in international publications including the Toronto Star, the Guardian, NBC News, HuffPost, VICE, BuzzFeed, Teen Vogue, and OUT Magazine. Ferguson lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with their partner Florian. Me, Myself, They is their first book.Twitter: @lunamfergusonInstagram: @lunaferguson

Awards and Praise

“Fascinating … Ferguson is, by nature, a storyteller, and their dramatic material is their life, which they have bravely shared with candor and grace.” — Booklist

“Joshua M. Ferguson’s raw, extraordinary, and profoundly moving memoir provides a well-needed voice for often misunderstood non-binary people. Joshua teaches us a valuable lesson about how there are no rules or limits to self-expression, and how we can look beyond the gender binary to understand the core of who we are. I was emotionally enlightened and marvel at Joshua’s courage and ability to garner strength through their most painful memories. Joshua’s memoir rocked me to the core while providing deep respect and understanding of those who are non-binary. It is truly inspiring to hear the story of an individual so untethered in the expression of their authentic self.” — Jazz Jennings

“The world is broken and we need to learn to love each other without limits. Me, Myself, They is a revelation of beauty and compassion for the human soul.” — Andie MacDowell

“A loving healing for anyone who has been harmed by the gender binary — all of us.” — Vivek Shraya, author of I’m Afraid of Men

“Joshua M. Ferguson’s Me, Myself, They is a necessary antidote to the impoverished modes of thinking and relating that govern our shared moment. It is a rousing call for empathy and care. It asks us to widen the terrain of gender and, in so doing, to fashion a new world. This is some of the most important work of our time, and Joshua’s memoir is a beacon!” — Billy-Ray Belcourt, author of This Wound is a World

Me, Myself, They shows how vulnerability can be strength, how trans and non-binary people’s ingenuity and creativity have carved out new paths for future generations, and how difference can — and should — be celebrated. We are all lucky that Joshua M. Ferguson has written this generous, accessible, and moving book.” — Alicia Elliott, author of A Mind Spread Out on the Ground

“It takes courage for gender-nonconforming people to name when the world has treated us with cruelty. I’m grateful Joshua has that courage and then some.” — Jacob Tobia, author of Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story

“For those cis folks who don’t understand the trans experience, Joshua lets us into their mind. From birth to now, we see how this beautiful human found themselves. This work is important and generous and special. Thank you, Joshua, for making trans folk feel seen. May this book serve as the start of a conversation and lead to love, healing, and acceptance of our trans community.” — Gloria Calderón Kellett, executive producer of One Day at a Time

“Joshua M. Ferguson’s powerful and inspiring memoir, Me, Myself, They, is a wonderfully unique exploration of self-identity and transformation. Parents: this enlightening book is essential reading, for it will empower you to encourage the full, authentic range of your child’s expression, with freedom from the confines of gender stereotyping.” — Isa Dick Hackett, producer of film and television, and Trustee, Philip K. Dick Trust

Me, Myself, They candidly and bravely shares Joshua’s fascinating method for spinning trauma into gold. Buy this book. You will see yourself and love what you see.” — Jeffrey Marsh, author of How to Be You: Stop Trying to Be Someone Else and Start Living Your Life

“In our slippery social moment where transgender people are by turns celebrated and reviled for their refusal to fit neatly into prescribed gender norms of girl and boy, woman and man, we need stories that illuminate fluid identity pathways. Joshua M. Ferguson brings us inside the messy, unfinished process of reclaiming new dimensions of themselves as a non-binary artist, partner, family member, scholar, and being in the world. Alive with searing details of discrimination, poignant moments of unforeseen connection, and beautiful courage, Me, Myself, They is a remarkable memoir that untangles the complexity of gender transformation and reminds us of the imperative to recognize who we are and deserve to become.” — Dr. Treena Orchard, Associate Professor, School of Health Studies, Western University

“A compelling case for a non-binary future.” — Toronto Life

“Shining light and carving space, Me, Myself, They casts down the false idol of the gender binary. Congratulations, Joshua, for this world-building stuff!” — Lilly Wachowski, artist and filmmaker

Me, Myself, They is an inspirational book for any reader.” — Tri-City News

“An accessible introduction to the topic and an intimate story of struggle and growth.” — Quill & Quire