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One Man and the Battle for Rio

Written by Misha Glenny

Published October 31, 2015 | ISBN 9781770893856
TRUE CRIME / Organized Crime

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One Man and the Battle for Rio

Misha Glenny

An explosive vision of contemporary Brazil’s underbelly by one of our greatest investigative reporters.

This is a book about a man known as Nem; about Rocinha, the slum or “favela” he grew up in and came to run as a private fiefdom; about Rio, the beautiful but damned city that Rocinha exists in; and about the battle for Brazil. Nemesis pans in and out from the arc of Nem’s individual, astonishing trajectory to the wider story of the country that he exists in.

It’s about drugs and gangs and violence and poverty. It’s about a man who made a terribly dangerous and life-altering decision for the best and most understandable of reasons. And it’s about the wider forces at work in a country that is in the world’s spotlight as never before and is set to stay there. Those forces include the evangelical church, bent police and straight police, drug lords, farmers, TV magnates, crusading politicians, and corrupt politicians.

And what they are engaged in is nothing less than the battle for Brazil’s soul.

About the Author

Misha Glenny

MISHA GLENNY is a British journalist and specialist on Eastern and Southeastern Europe and international organized crime. His coverage of the fall of Communism led to his first book, The Rebirth of History: Eastern Europe in the Age of Democracy. His other highly acclaimed books are The Fall of Yugoslavia and The Balkans. Glenny has also written for the New York Times, the New York Book Review, Foreign Affairs, Harper's, the London Review of Books, and other publications. He is currently a political consultant on South Eastern Europe and divides his time between London, Brighton, and the region..

Awards and Praise

Praise for Misha Glenny and Nemesis:

"Breaking Bad meets City of God." — Roberto Saviano, author of Gomorrah

"Nemesis is a magnificent work of reportage, by turns raw and courageous." — London Evening Standard

"There are no other books like this, in English or even in Portuguese." — Globe and Mail

"... a gripping profile of a criminal kingpin who works hard to represent himself as an altruist." — Maclean's Magazine

"Reading Nemesis is like taking a walking tour of Baltimore’s underworld with Stringer Bell." — New York Times

"... reads like a true crime story... Nemesis is a useful and readable introduction to the favela phenomenon..." — New York Review of Books