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Written by James Heneghan

For students in grades 5 - 9 | Published March 15, 2007 | ISBN 9780888997043
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Bullying

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James Heneghan

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Thirteen-year-old Charley Callaghan is coping with some difficult changes. His family has recently moved to Vancouver from Ireland, and his mother has died of cancer. Now he is desperately trying to fit in - in a new school, a new city, a new country - while holding a part-time job and keeping an eye on his little sister, Annie. Charley’s red hair and Irish accent at first make him a target of the class bullies, but he is tough enough - just - to keep them at bay.

So it is almost a relief to him when the bullies find a new target, Benny Mason. Charley keeps hoping that Benny will defend himself, but he fails to intervene when the bullying worsens. When Benny commits suicide, Charley is overcome with remorse and guilt. He visits Benny’s single mom, Joanna, but instead of confessing, finds himself trying to make amends by doing chores, running errands and befriending Benny’s little brother. Can Charley find atonement for failing to act? James Heneghan’s trademark narrative drive, vivid characters and strong social message make this a striking study of loss and renewal.

About the Author

James Heneghan

James Heneghan was raised in Ireland and in Liverpool, England, where he worked as a policeman. After coming to Canada, he was a police fingerprint specialist before becoming a teacher. He has won the Arthur Ellis Award for Juvenile Crime Fiction and is a three-time winner of the Sheila A. Egoff Book Prize for Children's Literature. He lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Awards and Praise
  • Commended OLA Best Bets - Reading for Young Adults (Fiction), 2007
  • Commended CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2008, 2008
  • Long-listed ALA Best Books for Young Adults, 2008
  • Commended Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Titles for Children and Teens, 2007