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Written by Dennis Foon

  • 176 Pages
  • 9780888995490
  • 7.000" x 4.250"


Publication Date April 01, 2003

Four guys -- Tommy, Brad, Andy and Shane -- are all making their way through the jungle that is the last year of high school. Tommy, model student, is heading for the military to learn to fly fighter jets, something that will please his doting grandmother and free him once and for all from his abusive parasite of a mother. His best friend, Brad, is being scouted for Junior B, which will finally satisfy his ambitious hockey dad, whose relentless pressure has turned his son into the team enforcer. Andy is on the verge of making his acting breakthrough. He's got an agent, and he's got an audition for the role that could launch his career -- the Punk. All he needs is someone who can show him the moves, teach him the hard stare. He turns to Shane, the kid who is so scary that even the teachers are afraid of him.

Winner of the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize 2004

Long-listed for the OLA White Pine Award 2004

Selected for the CCBC Our Choice 2004

Selected for the PPYS (Criminal Elements) 2004


Dennis Foon
Dennis Foon is a playwright, screenwriter and writer of novels for young adults. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.