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Sleepless Night

Written by Margriet de Moor • Translated by David Doherty

Published May 07, 2019 | ISBN 9781487005283
FICTION / Literary

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Sleepless Night

Margriet de Moor • David Doherty

A woman gets up in the middle of a wintry night and starts baking a Bundt cake while her lover sleeps upstairs. When it’s time for her to take the cake out of the oven, we have read a story of romance and death. The narrator of this novel was widowed years ago and is trying to find new passion. But the memory of her deceased husband and a shameful incident still holds her in its grasp. Why did he do it?

Margriet de Moor, the grande dame of Dutch literature, tells a gripping love story about endings and demise, rage and jealousy, knowledge and ambiguity — and the possibility of new beginnings.

About the Author

Margriet de Moor

Born in the Netherlands in 1941, MARGRIET DE MOOR had a career as a classical singer before becoming an author with the Gouden Ezelsoor–winning short story collection Seen from Behind. She won the AKO Literature Prize for her first novel, First Gray, Then White, Then Blue. Her novels have been translated into twenty-four languages. De Moor lives in the Netherlands.

David Doherty