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Written by Charlotte Grimshaw

Published October 05, 2013 | ISBN 9781770894341

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312 pages | 8 in × 5.25 in
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Charlotte Grimshaw

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During the long summer holiday, the Lampton and Hallwright families gather in a large beach house belonging to Prime Minister David Hallwright and his wife Roza. The weather is perfect and outwardly all is well, but tension is brewing underneath the surface.

There is an unusual bond uniting the two families — one that forced their meeting and sustains their relationship. And one that threatens to destroy it. You see, the Lamptons and Hallwrights share something, but it’s something neither family is willing to give up. As the vacation progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that there are some important secrets that need to be kept quiet; secrets that could ruin them all if they became public; and secrets that might impinge their moral sensibilities …

In Soon, Charlotte Grimshaw takes readers on a journey through the world of privilege, power, and politics, exposing the dark side of human nature. This is an exhilarating and thought-provoking novel, in the vein of The Dinner and Gone Girl, that questions how far people will go to protect themselves and all they hold dear.

About the Author

Charlotte Grimshaw

Charlotte Grimshaw is the author of four critically acclaimed novels, Provocation, Guilt, Foreign City, and Soon. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Awards and Praise
...people seeking a tightly plotted, incisive depiction of the corrosive effects of power will find time spent reading this novel well invested.