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Written by Daphne Marlatt

  • 144 Pages
  • 9780887845871
  • 8.560" x 5.500"
  • FICTION / Literary


Publication Date November 01, 1996

In this graceful, haunting, and evocative novel, the Gulf War becomes a touch-stone for Suzanne's meditation on her mother's life in World War II. Taken is a tribute to women whose lives have been taken over, or even taken, by war. In the end, out of the wreckage of grief and power, love and light -- however changed -- endure.


Daphne Marlatt
Daphne Marlatt was born in Melbourne, Australia, and grew up in Penang, Malaysia, until her family immigrated to Canada in 1951. She is the author of the novels Ana Historic and Taken. She has published numerous collections of poetry, including Steveston, Touch to My Tongue, Salvage, This Tremor Love Is, and The Given, which won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. In 2006, she was appointed to the Order of Canada. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.