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House of Anansi Press

The Expanding Prison

Written by David Cayley

Published October 01, 1997 | ISBN 9780887846038
SOCIAL SCIENCE / Criminology

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About this book

The Expanding Prison

David Cayley

The Expanding Prison is a provocative, cogent argument for prison reform. David Cayley argues that our overpopulated prisons are more reflective of a society that is becoming increasingly polarized than of an actual surge in crime. This book considers proven alternatives to imprisonment that emphasize settlement-oriented techniques over punishment, and move us towards a vision of justice as peace-making rather than one of vengeance.

About the Author

David Cayley

David Cayley is a producer at CBC Radio as well as a writer. He is the author of The Rivers North of the Future and The Expanding Prison which began as a series of broadcasts for Ideas. Cayley is also a contributor to Anansi's In Conversation series, which includes books on Ivan Illich, Northrop Frye, and George Grant. He lives in Toronto.em