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The News

Written by Peter Steven

Edited by Jane Springer

Series Title: Groundwork Guides

  • 144 Pages
  • 9780888998224
  • 7" x 5"
  • Reading age from 14


Publication Date May 01, 2010

"[The Groundwork Guides] are excellent books, mandatory for school libraries and the increasing body of young people prepared to take ownership of the situations and problems previous generations have left them." -- Globe and Mail

Too many of us have no choice about the type of news we receive. Too many of us remain ignorant of major issues and diverse opinions because the news isn't providing them. Over the past twenty years the news media has become more restricted, less diverse and of steadily declining quality. Fewer owners and managers control editorial policies, journalists have been sacked, and those who remain find themselves working at a faster pace on more superficial stories. Most of us rely on a dominant media, controlled by a few globalized giants. These groups have attained enormous financial and political power.

But as this book shows, the trends are not all bad. Outside the West, particularly in Asia, citizens receive better and more diverse news than ever before. Rising levels of literacy and education in India, Korea, Indonesia and China have fostered vastly increased newspaper circulations, and the Internet has brought a much broader world to some restricted societies.

Selected for the CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens, Starred Selection 2011


Peter Steven
Peter Steven teaches media studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, and he is the author of The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Media. His writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Le Devoir, the New Internationalist, Jump Cut, the Canadian Journal of Film Studies and the Beaver. He holds a PhD in Radio/TV/Film from Northwestern University in Chicago. Peter lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Jane Springer
Jane Springer is the author of Genocide, part of the Groundwork Guides series for which she is also the series editor. She is a consultant in international development and has lived and worked in Mozambique and India. She is the author of Listen to Us: The World's Working Children and translator of the Portuguese-language books Nest Egg and Tales from the Amazon. Jane Springer lives in Toronto.


"News people often tell us that a free media provides the oxygen for a healthy democracy. Reliable news helps us maintain our civil rights - to speak openly, to gather with others in public, to vote and run for office. But a free media also helps maintain our basic human rights - to food, safety and health. Without the ability to receive and distribute basic news information we live in fear and danger - a long way from democracy."


" excellent resource for today’s high school–aged students."

"Steven makes a strong case for the power of the news media to shape our thinking about national and world events." School Library Journal

"The News is an informative and thought-provoking analysis...Highly recommended." CM Magazine

"...offers plenty of food for thought about [the] topic in a clear, cogent way." Booklist Online

"good for students" Resorce Link