The Sheila Heti Ebook Bundle

The Sheila Heti Ebook Bundle

Ticknor, The Middle Stories, and How Should a Person Be

Written by: Heti, Sheila

Now available in an exclusive ebook bundle, three books of fiction from Scotiabank Giller Prize finalist Sheila Heti.

In Ticknor, her first novel, Sheila Heti has created a memorable new hero of Prufrockian dimension. George Ticknor is trying to reconcile his own failure with the success of his boyhood friend, the famous American historian William Prescott. Situated in the complicated and contradictory moments that make friendships both tenuous and difficult to relinquish, Ticknor’s fixated thoughts about his and Prescott’s dissimilar fates lead him through a litany of rationalizations and recriminations, a psychological maze that is paranoid and harrowing as well as ludicrous and absurd.

The stories in The Middle Stories balance wisdom and innocence, joy and foreboding. A frog doles out sage advice to a plumber infatuated with a princess, a boy falls hopelessly in love with a monkey, and a man with a hat keeps apocalyptic thoughts at bay by resolving to follow a plan that he admits he won’t stick to. Heti’s stories are not what you expect, but why did you expect that anyway?

Sheila Heti’s critically acclaimed novel How Should a Person Be? is an unabashedly honest and hilarious tour through the unknowable pieces of one woman’s heart and mind, an irresistible torn-from-life book about friendship, art, sex, and love. Part literary novel, part self-help manual, and part racy confessional, it is a fearless exploration into the way we live now by one of Canada's most exciting literary talents.