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The Things Owen Wrote

Written by Jessica Scott Kerrin

  • 176 Pages
  • 9781773060293
  • 7.5" x 5"
  • from grade 4 to grade 7
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Multigenerational
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Social Situations / New Experience
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Social Situations / Values



Publication Date October 01, 2017

Owen has always done well, even without trying that hard. He gets As in school, is an avid photographer and knows he can count on his family’s support. But then Owen makes a mistake. A big one. And now he must face his fear of disappointing his entire family.

A last-minute trip to Iceland, just Owen and his granddad, seems like the perfect way out. For Owen’s granddad, the trip is about paying tribute to a friend with Icelandic roots. But Owen has a more urgent reason for going: he must get back the notebook his granddad accidentally sent to the Iceland archive. He can’t let anyone read the things he wrote in it!

The pair gets on a plane, excited to leave their prairie town for a country of lava fields, glaciers and geysers. However, as they explore Iceland, the plan to recover Owen’s notebook starts to spiral out of control. Why does Owen’s granddad seem so confused and forgetful? And can Owen really hide the truth of what’s in his notebook?


Jessica Scott Kerrin

Jessica Scott Kerrin is the author of the middle-grade novels The Things Owen Wrote, The Spotted Dog Last Seen and The Missing Dog Is Spotted. She is also known for the Lobster Chronicles series and the best-selling Martin Bridge series. Born and raised in Alberta, she now lives in downtown Halifax, Canada, or on her boat, Cape Fear, during the summer months. The Better Tree Fort is her first picture book.


The Spotted Dog Last Seen:

"Going far beyond mystery book conventions, Spotted Dog is also a well-told story of growth and self-forgiveness." School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

"Derek tells his own story, allowing readers to empathize with his fears and struggles as he comes to grips with them. . . . Surprising twists and turns amid laughter and tears." Kirkus Reviews

The Missing Dog Is Spotted:

"Funny, absorbing and touching, The Missing Dog is Spotted resonates with the riches to be found in unexpected friendships and the importance of connection, however transient it may be." National Reading Campaign


"A tender and affecting coming-of age story." Kirkus Reviews

"An unusual and moving novel." School Library Journal

"A quietly powerful gem, this novel will find a special place in readers' hearts." Atlantic Books Today

". . . deftly written and well-paced." Quill & Quire