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The Triumph of Narrative

Written by Robert Fulford

Series Title: CBC Massey Lectures

  • 224 Pages
  • 9780887846458
  • 8.630" x 5.630"
  • LITERARY CRITICISM / Books & Reading
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Folklore & Mythology


Publication Date November 01, 1999

Narrative has been central to human life for millennia, and the twentieth century has been preeminently the age of the story. Mass culture and mass leisure have enabled us to spend far more time absorbing stories, real and imaginary, than any of our ancestors. Whether or not this has been to our benefit is one of the questions raised by journalist and 1999 CBC Massey lecturer Robert Fulford. Narrative, Fulford points out, is how we explain, how we teach, how we entertain ourselves - often all at once. It is the bundle in which we wrap truth, hope, and dread. It is crucial to civilization. Fulford writes engagingly and energetically about narrative history, narrative in news coverage, the rise of electronic narrative, and narrative as it flourishes in the form of gossip, "the folk-art version of literature," revealing to us the mystery, power, and importance of story in all our lives.


Robert Fulford
Robert Fulford was editor of Saturday Night magazine for 19 years and he currently writes a weekly column for The National Post. His books include The Triumph of Narrative, This Was Expo, Best Seat in the House, Accidental City, and Toronto Discovered. He lives in Toronto.