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This Book is Broken

Written by Stuart Berman

Foreword by Brendan Canning

Foreword by Kevin Drew

  • 192 Pages
  • 9780887842283
  • 9" x 8"
  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Composers & Musicians


Publication Date May 16, 2009

The year was 2000. The alternative music scene had all but died, and pre-packaged pop stars had filled the vacuum. But in a basement apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto, two musicians were forming a creative partnership that would revive the mass appeal of indie music and forever change how we think of a band. In this biography of the ever-evolving indie-rock collective, Broken Social Scene, music columnist Stuart Berman tracks the group's inception by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning; groundbreaking performances at Ted's Wrecking Yard that raised the band's local status to mythical proportions; Broken Social Scene's meteoric rise upon the release of breakout album You Forgot It In People; the creation of Arts & Crafts records with music-biz maverick Jeffrey Remedios; and life on the road with revolving bandmates, including members of Stars, Metric, The Dears, and international pop sensation Feist. Stuart Berman has drawn from hours of interviews with members and affiliates of Broken Social Scene, and exclusive, never-before-seen photographs, gig posters, and artwork to create a spectacular oral and visual history of this ever-evolving indie-rock collective.


Stuart Berman
Stuart Berman is an editor at Eye Weekly, and has been writing about the Toronto music scene for ten years. His writing on music and pop culture has appeared in, Magnet, The Village Voice, Toro, Azure, the Toronto Star, and the National Post. He lives in Toronto.

Brendan Canning
Brendan Canning is a prolific songwriter and founding member of the indie rock collective Broken Social Scene. He is a veteran performer on the Canadian music scene and formerly a member of such notable bands as By Divine Right and hHead.

Kevin Drew
Kevin Drew, a Toronto musician and songwriter, is a founding member of the indie rock collective Broken Social Scene. He is formerly a member of the band KC Accidental, and also released a solo album, "Spirit If . . ." in 2007.