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Wolf Wanted

Written by Ana Maria Machado • Illustrated by Laurent Cardon

For readers 4 - 7 years old | Published April 01, 2010 | ISBN 9780888998804
JUVENILE FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Adaptations

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Wolf Wanted

Ana Maria Machado • Laurent Cardon

Manny is looking for a job. He sees an ad in the paper "Wolf Wanted," and although a real wolf is wanted, he responds anyway since his surname is "Wolf." Luckily for Manny, so many wolves respond to the ad that a new job has to be created to answer all the letters. He is chosen for the new job because he is such a good writer. And fortunately, he also loves to read and knows many stories, and so he can see through the wolves' letters, with their glowing descriptions of themselves, and discern their true natures.

Manny recognizes the different wolves as characters from "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs" and Aesop's Fables and "Peter and the Wolf," for example. He finally decides that the problem is with the ad itself, which he rewrites, clarifying that a real wolf is wanted so that a documentary can be made to show people what real wolves are like. The book concludes with a non-fiction spread, illustrated with photos, which describes the current predicament of wolves all over the world.

About the Creators

Ana Maria Machado

Ana Maria Machado is one of the world's most distinguished writers for children, with over one hundred books published in her native Brazil and in more than eighteen other countries. She has won the Hans Christian Andersen Award and the SM Iberoamerican Children's Literature Award, and she has been elected to the Brazilian Academy of Letters — the first writer for children to be so honored. She has also been chosen for the honor list of the highly prestigious Dutch Prince Claus Award. Groundwood has published three of her novels, Me in the Middle (Américas Award Commended List), From Another World and Until the Day Arrives, and her picture books Wolf Wanted, which won the FNLIJ Hors Concours, and What a Party! Ana Maria lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Laurent Cardon

Laurent Cardon works as a storyboarder and teaches film. He has illustrated many books, winning the Hors Concours (FNLIJ) twice. He lives in Sao Paulo.

Awards and Praise
Manny was looking for a job. He opened the paper and saw: Wolf Wanted A good-looking adult with experience for a responsible position. Well paid. Guaranteed. Send a letter describing expectations and a CV to the jobs wanted address at this newspaper. Manny doubted that wolves could read the paper. Or that they would understand anything about CVs or qualifications… But he did…He knew all about job ads and what the words in them mean. He had been looking for a job for quite a while and had read quite a few of them. Manny was a Wolf but he wasn't a wolf. He was a person. Just like other people whose last names are the same as certain animals - Coyote, Peacock, Lamb - his last name was Wolf, Manny Wolf. So he decided it was worth trying his luck. And he answered the ad, as though this company wanted to hire someone whose name was Wolf.