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The Homesick Club

A story about making new friends and missing home, wherever home may be.

Happy Birthday, Alice Babette

It’s Alice’s birthday! A beautiful spring afternoon in Paris — what could be better? Little does she know that her friend has arranged some surprises!

Go Home Bay

A young girl learns to paint with Tom Thomson, one of Canada's best-known artists.

The Cocalero Novels Bundle

Deborah Ellis's Cocalero Novels, together in a bundle!

City of Water

The second book in the ThinkCities series explores water as a precious, finite resource, tracing its journey from source, through the city, and back again.


Calvin wakes up in hospital after a schizophrenic episode and decides to hike across frozen Lake Erie. A different coming-of-age story ...

The Brian Doyle Spud Sweetgrass Bundle

Brian Doyle's Spud Sweetgrass novels, together in a bundle!

The Brian Doyle Up to Low Bundle

Three novels by Brian Doyle about growing up in the Gatineau Hills, together in one bundle!

The Brian Doyle Essentials Bundle

Four classic Brian Doyle novels together in one bundle!

The Breadwinner Series Bundle

All four books in the Breadwinner series, now in a bundle!

Book Uncle and Me

Book Uncle and Me is an award-winning middle-grade novel about the power of grassroots activism and how kids can make a difference.

Being with Henry

A funny yet poignant novel about two disparate souls — a homeless teenager and a lonely old man — who come to know and care for each other.