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Just Fine

This touching, witty novel introduces us to a number of voyages of discovery.

Leaving Home

David French's classic of Canadian drama tells the story of a Newfoundland family that has emigrated and lost all sense of its place in the world.


Lisa Moore splices moments together so vividly, you'll swear you've lived them yourself.

Mary Ann Alice

In this brilliant novel, Brian Doyle returns to the Gatineau River, where a dam project places rocks, fossils, falls as well as many farms in danger.

The Address Book

A collection of remarkably well-crafted love letters, letters of loss, and lyrical moments of complaint and redress.

Night Street Repairs

An astonishing work by a master of the poetic form operating at the height of his powers.

Three Wishes

Deborah Ellis presents the stories of children of the war-torn Middle East, based on interviews with Israeli and Palestinian children.

La Carrera del sapo y el venado

Pat Mora y Domi han creado una adaptación poética de la versión maya de la queridísima fábula de la tortuga y la liebre. Esta versión de la historia fue transmitida por Don Torcuato Tesucun, un maya-itzaj que trabajó en las excavaciones de las ruinas de Tikal.

Past Imperfect

Suzanne Buffam's debut poetry collection admits the self is fluid -- so we bid farewell to many "selves."


A Trillium Book Award for Poetry winner, this collection reminds us that our solitude is painful, yet precious.

True North

Jim Harrison's epic novel pits a son against his family's dark, destructive legacy.


From the grotesque to the beautiful, Lynn Crosbie's depiction of the lover adrift alters how we think of the love poem.