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Almost Invisible

Jewel is escaping an abusive home situation by living at school. After Maya discovers Jewel's secret, should she tell? Or can she help on her own?

The Alphabet Thief

The alphabet thief stole all of the B's, and all of the bowls became owls. The thief returns each night, creating a topsy-turvy world as she goes.

All Year Round

A joyful look at the months of the year through the eyes of a young child.

After Sylvia

A captivating sequel to The Secret Life of Owen Skye that captures perfectly the bewilderment and joy of being a kid.

Abukacha's Shoes

Abukacha finally throws away his worn out shoes and gets himself a new pair. But the old shoes, somehow, keep finding their way back to him.


Young Ray and Amelia discover the old New Mexican tradition of los abuelos, a midwinter masquerade with elements of Spanish and indigenous Pueblo culture.