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The News

This Groundwork Guide takes a critical look at the state of the news worldwide. Television, radio, newspaper and internet — who owns these sources?

Mandaderos de la lluvia / Messengers of Rain

This bilingual (Spanish and English) Latin American poetry anthology is perfect for young readers who want to engage with a fascinating mix of established and new poets, as well as enhance their language skills.

Roots: 40 Years of Style

Published to commemorate Roots Canada’s fortieth anniversary, Roots: The First Forty Years of Style celebrates the company’s rich history.

Norman, Speak!

From award-winning author Caroline Adderson — what happens when a boy and his dog just don’t speak the same language?

The Amazing Travels of Ibn Battuta

The true story of a fourteenth-century traveler, whose journeys through the Islamic world and beyond were extraordinary for his time.

Why Are You Doing That?

A curious little boy learns all about food and where it comes from in this companion to Amado and Monroy’s first picture book, What Are You Doing?

The Elevator Ghost

An eccentric babysitter has a knack for telling stories that are eerily well suited to her young charges.

The Slippers' Keeper

The moving story of Joe Purdon, one of North America’s early conservationists.

The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan

The Sisters Brothers meets Master and Commander in Robert Hough’s rollicking and raucous historical novel.

Jigsaw Man

Mark Tartaglia of the London murder squad investigates a bizarre and brutal series of murders in this gripping thriller.

Watching Traffic

A stunning debut novel about that uncertain summer after high-school graduation.

Friend or Foe?

A lonely mouse gazes up at the cat in the palace tower next door. Determined to find out if he is a friend, he bravely makes his way into the palace …