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Airstream Land Yacht

Ken Babstock's brilliant third collection of poetry testifies to the harrowing beauty of everyday experience.

The Crazy Man

Winner of the Governor General's Award, The Crazy Man is a moving and unforgettable story of a period of crisis in a young girl's life.


This thoughtful book in the Groundwork Guides series helps young readers understand the difficult subject of genocide.

Odd Man Out

When Kip is spending the summer with his grandmother and his five eccentric girl cousins, he discovers a very puzzling binder his late father kept.

I Am a Taxi

Deep in the jungle, working in a cocaine operation, twelve-year-old Diego must take a terrible risk if he ever wants to see his family again.


Vaudeville! is an enchanted tale on the scale of New York itself, overflowing with puzzles and horrors.


The poems of Revolver are a daring marriage of brilliant technical skill and explosive imagination.

The Baby Project

A mother's new pregnancy leaves a family touched and forever changed.

Wanting Mor

Young Afghan Jameela is finally brought together again with her father, who abandoned her in a Kabul marketplace.

Leaving Home, Of the Fields, Lately, and Salt-Water Moon

This special one-volume edition contains the three major Mercer plays by David French: Leaving Home, Of the Fields, Lately and Salt-Water Moon.

Broken Memory

Moments of grace and tenderness undercut the terror and pain of this powerful story of the genocidal war in Rwanda.

O Resplandor

Erin Moure explores the idea that the act of reading is a practice of embodiment, containing all the experiences of the body itself.