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Fiction, nonfiction and poetry by BIPOC authors to add to your reading list.

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Congotronic special hardcover edition

This specially designed and bound hardcover First Edition of Shane Book's poetry collection Congotronic is limited to 50 copies.

De Niro's Game

A-List edition of Rawi Hage's classic novel De Niro's Game, with a new introduction by Colm Toibin.

Dirty Feet

A compelling novel that tells the story of one man's journey to retrace the steps of the mysterious, nomadic father who abandoned him years earlier.

Divided Loyalties

A collection that spans four decades to present the lives of Iranian women in post-revolutionary Iran and the contemporary diaspora in Canada.

Frying Plantain

Frying Plantain follows a girl from elementary school to high school graduation as she navigates Black identity in a predominantly white society.

Her First Palestinian

Elegant, surprising stories about Palestinian immigrants in Canada navigating their identities in circumstances that push them to the emotional brink.

Hope Has Two Daughters

Hope Has Two Daughters offers a glimpse inside two Iranian revolutions from the perspectives of a mother and daughter.

However Far Away

A sweeping family saga set against the backdrop of a traditional Sikh wedding.

I Am Ariel Sharon

I Am Ariel Sharon dives into the tortured mind of the controversial Israeli prime minister as he lies comatose and faces an ultimate reckoning.

I Hid My Voice

The story of a four-year-old boy who cannot speak and the shame it brings upon his family in modern-day Iran, based on real events.

I Never Said That I Was Brave

A taut tale of female friendship and betrayal.

In Exile

Award-winning journalist Sadiya Ansari’s deeply personal investigation of a family secret with lingering consequences.