Picture Books

Picture Books

This collection features unforgettable stories and breathtaking illustrations that young readers will cherish forever.

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Ten Small Tales

A new nursery classic that draws inspiration from sources the world over, with all the magic properties of your old favorite tales.

The Animals Come Out

When we stay in, we just might see … the animals come out!

The Art Room

The Art Room delights readers with a glimpse into the world of artistic expression, fun and freedom that artist Emily Carr created for her students.

The Bad Chair

A fresh and funny picture book about feeling left out and the power of friendship, from the author and illustrator of A Year Without Mom.

The Better Tree Fort

Russel convinces his Dad to help him build a tree fort in their yard, which is perfect, until he spies a better tree fort three doors down ...

The Big Bad Wolf in My House

A young girl describes what it’s like when her mom’s new friend comes to stay — a moving story about domestic violence that ends on a hopeful note.

The Biggest Puddle in the World

Sarah and Charlie hunt down the biggest puddle in the world with their grandfather in this fun introduction to the water cycle, perfect for young readers.

The Black Book of Colors

This groundbreaking, award-winning book conveys the experience of a person who can only see through his or her sense of touch, taste, smell or hearing.

The Bunny Band

A rhyming romp of a tale about a badger and a band of bunnies.

The Composition

When soldiers take his friend's father away, things suddenly become complicated for Pedro, a situation all too familiar to children around the world.

The Curiosity Cabinet

The pictorial memoir of children's book author and illustrator Ian Wallace.

The Day the Rain Moved In

In this beautiful picture book, the wondrous merges with the ordinary when it starts to rain … inside the house!