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Picture Books

This collection features unforgettable stories and breathtaking illustrations that young readers will cherish forever.

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The Girl of the Wish Garden

This beautiful story is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale “Thumbelina” and the award-winning art of Nasrin Khosravi.

The Great Poochini

A very funny story full of adventure and punning for dog and opera lovers alike. Winner of the Governor General’s Award for illustration.

The Homesick Club

A story about making new friends and missing home, wherever home may be.

The House Next Door

Alone on his lot, a little house has stood for as long as anyone can remember, stoically weathering the storms. But one day, the wind brings change.

The Huron Carol

Renowned children's book illustrator Ian Wallace brings his masterful ability to “The Huron Carol,” a beautiful and unusual song with a rich history.

The Invitation

Stacey May Fowles’ debut picture book is a whimsical, warmhearted story of how a super-special surprise can lead to anxiety — or invite imagination.

The King of the Birds

A young girl brings home a peacock, but he refuses to show off his colorful tail! Inspired by the life of Flannery O'Connor.

The Last Two Crayons

Sienna looks forward to drawing a picture for her school’s spring art show, until she ends up with the last two crayons—dark brown and light brown.

The Little Green Envelope

A little green envelope longs to go on a journey. Will it be chosen to deliver Olive’s letter to her far-away friend?

The Market Wedding

The reissue of an award-winning, humorous and richly illustrated retelling of a Yiddish story.

The Menino

A book for babies and their parents about the whole new world that they both encounter when the baby arrives.

The Moon Inside

Yellow is Ella’s favorite color — she loves the bright, sunny daytime. But every night, as darkness falls, she becomes afraid.